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Speak English with Clarity and Confidence

Advanced English Skills and

Speech Pronunciation Services

with Successful Expression, LLC

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Who we serve:

We serve individuals with intermediate to advanced English skills who are looking to fine-tune pronunciation and improve their clarity and confidence. If you feel like you:

  • constantly have to repeat  yourself

  • are self-conscious of the way you sound when you're talking

  • are tired of always being asked, "Where are you from?"

  • believe that your speech is holding you back from personal or professional opportunities

  • would like to generally feel more confident, 

Successful Expression may be right for you.​

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What is Accent and Pronunciation Coaching?

We all have an accent of some sort! Our goal is not to have you sound like a native American speaker; rather, it is to preserve your cultural heritage and identity, while reducing the communication barriers that many of our clients report facing.  During our 1:1 sessions, we will:

  • have personalized lessons based upon each client's individual interests and needs

  • typically will target one sound or concept per lesson

  • will work on goals cumulatively. 

After the initial evaluation and coaching session, typical sessions last 50 minutes and are provided on a weekly basis via Zoom.

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How long will this take?

Everyone is different! It depends on many factors such as how strong of an accent you have, how long you’ve been speaking English, how well you’re able to hear and discriminate target sounds and how much you’re able to practice outside of our sessions.  As many clients come after having spoken English for decades, it will take a little time to change the motor patterns that have been reinforced over the years. That said, within a few sessions, you should feel changes and within a few months, others should definitely notice changes, as well.  If you're ready to feel more confidence, enhance your pronunciation, communicate effectively, and crush your goals, book a free 15-minute consultation here.

Schedule a free 15 minute consultation to see if 
Accent Modification with Successful Expression is a great fit!

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