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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect from coaching sessions?

Each week, we typically targeted one goal or concept. This could be something as straight forward as how to make a sound like 'n' 't' or 'd' (which we do by keeping our tongues inside of our mouths) or something more abstract like focusing on the on-off rhythmic pattern of English.  Sessions are always relevant to clients' needs and interests.  For instance, if we're working on a target sound, a list of relevant vocabulary words specific to the industry of the client will be provided.  

How long will it take?

Progress will be highly dependent upon many factors, including practice outside of our sessions.  Like anything, practice makes perfect, and retraining your brain to execute different motor movements than you're used to is challenging.  That said, within a matter of weeks, you should notice some changes, and within 4-6 months, you should hear substantial changes.  Some clients feel that their accent is no longer the focus of the conversation at that point and are happy to 'graduate' then, whereas others may continue to work with me afterwards.  We can work on really perfecting pronunciation and rhythm, we can meet on a less frequent basis to practice presentations or lectures, or simply have less frequent 'check-in' sessions to make sure that skills have been maintained.  The choice is always up to the client as to how we proceed.

Why should I consider coaching sessions rather than use the new AI app I found?

If you are the type of person who thinks they can use an AI app and sound great, then go for it! Think of our work as analogous to hiring a personal trainer at the gym - anyone can go to the gym and be productive...but many of us need that added incentive to push ourselves a bit more.  Benefits of working with Successful Expression include:

  • Accountability: Each week, you will have homework to work on and someone to report to.  

  • Personalization:  After the assessment, we immediately dive into goal #1, which is tailored to your individual needs. Each session thereafter is also tailored to your needs and interests. 

  • Generalization:  A large part of our work is mastering a concept in isolation and then bringing it into conversational speech.  AI has a harder time providing this sort of feedback.

  • Customization:  We work hard to make lessons engaging based upon each individuals' interests and needs.  Some lessons include industry-specific word lists, some allow clients to read about elephants, soccer, or other preferred subjects, some even target cursing, if that is truly important to the learner.  We make learning fun so our sessions don't even seem like work.

Do you offer group classes?

While we generally offer 1:1 sessions, if there is a group of individuals - ideally with others who have the same, if not similar, primary languages - interested in group sessions, we can certainly discuss options! Please email to discuss.

What next?

Schedule a free 15-minute Zoom to discuss your goals, logistics, program fees, scheduling and any other questions you may have.  

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