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All too often, non-native English speakers lack the confidence that they deserve. This can be due to their own self-perceptions and/or their personal histories of having the wrong food show up when a meal order is misinterpreted, a work engagement that was not as well understood or received as it should have been, a job promotion for which they were overlooked, and so the list goes on.  While there is absolutely nothing wrong with having an accent - and it implies that you can speak more languages fluently than the average American (in July 2019, a whopping 241 million of the approximately then 330 million people living in the States spoke only English!) - but if you're looking to gain the same confidence that you have while speaking in your primary language(s), we can help you through any or all of the following services:

Implementation Planning
Finance Consultancy

Accent Assessment

Let's discuss your accent self-perception, accent modification needs as they relate to life or work, devise a plan to help, and roll up our sleeves and get started!

Here's an assessment!

Accent Modification and Professional Communication Enhancement Services

We offer 1:1 Accent Modification classes via Zoom, bringing our top-notch instruction directly to you, wherever you may be.


Interested in group sessions? Please don't hesitate to inquire.

"Emergency Support"

Have a presentation or pitch coming up? Let's rehearse together so you can go out there and

crush it.

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