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About Me

With a deep passion for communication and a wealth of experience in speech-language pathology, Jennifer Abramson, the founder of Successful Expression, is on a mission to empower non-native English speakers to confidently express themselves and thrive in their professional and personal lives.

Having obtained a Master's in Communication Sciences and Disorders, Jennifer honed her expertise as a Speech-Language Pathologist at Boston Children's Hospital for a decade. During this time, she dedicated herself to helping hundreds of autistic children effectively communicate. Her commitment to the field extended beyond clinical practice, as she presented internationally, co-taught grad-level courses and co-authored numerous papers and a book, sharing her knowledge and insights with the broader community.

Driven by a desire to support non-native English speakers, Jennifer was inspired by her experiences presenting alongside brilliant professionals who had mastered English as a second, third, or even fourth language.  It was during these encounters that Jennifer noticed a common self-perception among their colleagues - a belief that their English skills were lacking. Despite Jennifer's attempts to assure them otherwise, the deep-seated self-doubts persisted. This realization sparked the founding of Successful Expression, a platform designed to help non-native English speakers overcome linguistic barriers, be understood with ease, and regain the confidence they deserve.

At Successful Expression, we are dedicated to providing practical and tailored solutions to enhance communication skills. From landing desired jobs and excelling in presentations to confidently ordering food over the phone, the goal is to equip individuals with the linguistic tools necessary to succeed in diverse situations.

Through personalized coaching, comprehensive programs, and a supportive learning environment, Successful Expression empowers non-native English speakers to feel more at ease and confident while communicating in English. The focus extends beyond accent modification to encompass professional vocabulary, effective public speaking techniques, and interpersonal communication strategies, allowing clients to navigate various contexts with ease and professionalism.

With a deep understanding of the challenges faced by non-native English speakers and a genuine commitment to their success, Jennifer Abramson and Successful Expression strive to make a positive impact, ensuring that every individual they work with feels empowered, understood, and capable of achieving their language goals.

Join Successful Expression's community today and unlock your full communication potential. Together, let's embrace linguistic excellence and regain the confidence to express ourselves with clarity and authenticity in English.


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