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Hear what some of our clients have to say:

My sessions with Jennifer were not only an immersion in accent enhancement but a deep journey to the Standard American Culture. Analyzing the rhythm and the way US natives think about communication helped a lot my communication skills.  I would recommend this program for those seeking not only efficient communication but persuasion and a real immersion in how we can mingle and conquer when interacting with new peers, in a social gathering, or while negotiating for success!


Fluent speaker of English and Spanish

"I had a great time working with Jennifer. She has so much knowledge about different kinds of sounds in various languages. She was able to point out even the smallest of things that goes unnoticed in a speech. I’d recommend Jennifer if you’re looking to modify your accent and to sound more confident and professional."

Fluent speaker of
English, Hindi and Malayalam languages

Anna H.
Fluent speaker of English and Polish


I was born in Poland and my English education was never going well. I was declared the worst English student in the history of my High School. My English teacher was begging me to take my final foreign language exam in German - unfortunately my German teacher was begging for just the opposite. Things didn't look good for me... After having 2 extra private English classes per week for one year I passed the exam with B - for effort. Then my university sent me for student exchange to Spain - still no English at this point. In Spain, in order to survive, I developed some sort of a mix of Polish, Spanish and English that later became my crappy English as we know it today.

Every time I talk to someone new, just after "How are you?" always comes a second question: "Are you from Russia?". The only good thing about it is that I cannot even swear correctly. Shit is "sheet", ass is "as" and bitch is "beech". I was always looking for some advanced English classes that would be able to undo the damage I caused myself as a teen. The survival English is not really a proper one and it's extremely difficult to change it on my own. 


After a couple of classes with Jenn I can finally understand what it is all about! I can even swear correctly! I discovered tons of new things I had no idea about!

I had no idea that "i" in some cases is just like the Polish "y". "I" in Polish is pronounced as "ee" in English, and the Polish "y" is like the English "i". I didn't know that so I previously changed all English "i" sounds to "ee".  I'm really grateful for Jenn, she's the first English teacher that is successful with me - trust me, many teachers tried desperately, they all failed badly. 

What I love about the sessions with Jenn is that they are fully personalized. And there is no taboo - you want to swear correctly - that's ok, let's do it! Some sounds were super difficult to me - so Jenn taught me how to place my mouth and tongue to produce the sound that never ever came from my mouth before. It's truly like discovering a new continent - I really enjoy the feeling. And the best of the best - the generalization is taking place as well. My English is simply getting better every week. Thank you Jenn for your magical power to take my lost case to the next level!

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