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  • Jennifer Abramson

Successful Expression (Formerly known as The Accent Helper) is featured in the Boston Globe

Updated: Sep 16, 2023

At The Accent Helper, we take pride in customizing lessons to our students' interests and keeping sessions fun and engaging. Thanks to Dana Gerber of the Boston Globe for profiling The Accent Helper's innovative use of A.I. to keep lessons fresh in her article about early adopters of AI: "13 ways people in the Boston area are using artificial intelligence right now"

Jennifer Abramson runs The Accent Helper, a small business that works with people who want to adopt an American intonation. Recently, the Somerville resident has asked ChatGPT to write practice material tailored to each client’s interests and needs.  For one soccer-obsessed client from South America, for instance, this meant supplying sentences about Lionel Messi chock-full of words with the “-TH” sound, which he was learning to pronounce. The ChatGPT-generated lines included phrases like “the epitome of breathtaking scale,” “thunderous brilliance,” and “athleticism in sync.”  “Could I write that? Of course,” she said. “But will it take me an hour to do what ChatGPT did in literally 20 seconds? Yes.”
Boston Globe Article

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